QMx’s X-Men Cyclops Figure Now Up For Pre-Order

QMx hit the ground running with its X-Men line of Q-Figs, but thankfully they aren’t stopping there, and the newest addition to the set is now up for pre-order. That would be none other than one of the X-Men’s leaders Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, and any X-Men fan will want to add him to their collections. QMx went with a perfect pose for Cyclops, as Scott holds the side of his visor and cues up an Optic Blast, and the base features the X-Men design that is featured in the other figures, giving everything a cohesive look.

So far Wolverine is the only one released, but he will be joined by Cyclops, Rogue, and Storm as well before the line is done, and we can’t wait to see what else the line holds. I mean, if say a Red Queen Kate Pryde made it into the mix, I wouldn’t complain…hint hint nudge nudge.

You can pre-order Cyclops on the official website, and he retails for $19.95. You can check out even more images of Cyclops starting on the next slide, and the official description can be found below.

“Our Cyclops Q-Fig diorama features Scott Summers perched on the X-Men logo display base in a pitched battle with the Brotherhood of Mutants. Having just unleashed a powerful optic blast from his ruby-quartz visor, the remnants of the beam still linger around his visor and hover above his head. For your safety, the visor is not removable.

This QMx Q-Fig Diorama captures Cyclops’ powers with hand-painted details and an X-Men display base. Cyclops stands 4 inches tall including the base.

Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, was the first of the X-Men and one of the team’s primary leaders. His eyes project energy beams which must be contained by his protective lenses at all times. When he unleashes his optic blasts, not even steel can survive his gaze.

Cyclops is just one in our series of Marvel Q-Fig Dioramas, so be sure to check out the rest of our amazing superheroes and villains. Collect them all and display them together!”

Will you be picking up Cyclops? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for what other X-Men you want to see in the line!

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